Each morning the 3-year-olds take part in circle time. While doing this your child is learning the days of the week, month, date, weather, and the seasons. Also, they learn the words to many songs, turn based talking, patience and they are developing their attention span.

Fostering independence, individuality, and creativity

The majority of the children in the 3-year-old room are potty trained, so we put a great deal of emphasis on toileting independence, but of course we are always close by to assist the children. We will also assist you, the parent(s), in potty your potty training efforts, if your child has not yet made the transition.

We also try to encourage our children to at least try to dress themselves, for example if a child cannot fully pull up their snow pants, we encourage them to try first themselves before offering assistance. We focus on what a child “can” do, instead of what they cannot. We believe it will all happen gradually, each child becomes more successful everyday.

We also have “Center Time” where each child chooses where they would like to play, for how long and in whatever manner they wish. For example, if a child chooses the Art center, they will have any and all art materials available to them. If they want to glue pieces of macaroni to paper for an hour , they are more than welcome to do so.

Development of Personal Responsibility:

We are learning about the consequences of our actions, also we are continuing to learn to express and control our emotions by using our words.

Manners are very important. We always use our “please” and “thank yous”

Also being able to make our own decision about play comes with the responsibility to clean up our own messes. We always tidy up one center before we move on to the next, and if we’re all cleaned up before our friends we always lend a helping hand.