Our Infant Program provides a loving and comfortable classroom where the emphasis is on safety and security while promoting the growth and development that all babies require.

We offer a consistent routine that conforms to their schedule and needs. The Infant Program focuses on assisting with your babies development in all areas. Physically using a variety of equipment to enhance their gross motor mobility and fine motor skills. Cognitively through various quality toys, materials, books, song, audio and sensory experiences.

We also have weekly themes which involve art activities and planned games. Social and emotional development is encouraged by your child socializing with their peers and simple problem solving with a focus of respect and kindness. Infants are encouraged to learn and play in the world surrounding them. A caregiver is always close at hand to support children at play and aid your child through the important milestones of their young life. Parents are provided the security of knowing that our infant room is equipped with video surveillance and parents are always welcome to observe their infants using our one way mirror.